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Millennium Arch of the Middle Passage

Middle Passage Dedication

"For all those who were lost,
For all those who were hurt,
For all those who were left behind,
For all those who are not forgotten..."


This site is dedicated to the unification of the milllions of lives that have been impacted by the Atlantic Triangular Trade - particularly between Africa, Europe and the Americas - and the creation of a monument to institutionalize the unique moral legacy created by the innocent victims of the "Middle Passage" cycle of mercantilism, war, captivity, slavery, deprivation and...and redemption | More |

The Youth Dimension

"AJ" mascot
According to the World Bank's World Development Report 2007, the number of youth relative to other age groups in today’s world is higher than it has ever been, and arguably higher than it will ever be. This peak in youth population presents the international community with a unique “window of opportunity,” which, if seized, could propel growth and prosperity in developing countries. But if we miss this opportunity, the developing world could face widespread disillusionment, mass unemployment, and possibly a downturn in economic growth. The Middle Passage site has therefore adopted a Bermuda Gombey mascot that is designed to crystallize the youth dimension of the Atlantic Triangular Trade , and optimize its future prospects using simulation games and mass media... | More |

Lou Myers - Celebrity Moderator

Lou Myers
Renowned artist, lecturer and activist Lou Myers has been appointed as the Celebrity Moderator of this site in order to ensure that the media aspects of the Bermuda phase of Middle Passage Monument Project are anchored in sustainable virtues of transparency, enlightenment and utmost good faith. Lou has spent a life-time using theater, film and music to "connect the disconnected" in all spheres of the American entertainment industry. His pioneering Scenario Motion Picture Institute/Theatre has become a model environment for creating simulation and incubator media products based on volunteerism and zero-time enterprise. Lou Myers will play a leading role in narrating the Middle Passage story for future projects.

Stand Up, Speak Out - Millennium Campaign To End World Poverty

The Bermuda Millennium Arch replica of the Middle Passage Monument is dedicated to the spirit of the global campaign to end world poverty. Inspired by the actions of Bermuda teacher Lisa Trott, the faculty and students of Whitney Institute took action on October 17, 2007 to ensure that Bermuda was part of a community of more than 22 million persons world wide who were prepared to "stand up and speak out" against poverty and inequality...| more |

The "First" Middle Passage from Africa to Virginia (& Bermuda)

The Middle Passage Monument Project has highlighted the unique role that Bermuda has played in the transformation of the Atlantic Triangular trade from its tropical origins to the temperate conditions of the North Atlantic. This breakthrough enabled the plantation system to eventually be repositioned at the frontier of the fertile plains of the North American grasslands. As one of the northern-most and most isolated islands in the world, Bermuda served as a cultural laboratory for English settlers to experiment with various forms of voluntary, indentured and forced labor. Recent examination of the Jamestown archives have exposed details about this "First" Middle Passage. | More |

Charlotte Wilberforce launches the Run for Freedom

runforfreedom.jpgA descendant of the 18th century slavery abolitionist William Wilberforce has joined the campaign to memorialize the legacy of the Middle Passage. Charlotte Wilberforce is the "great, great great granddaughter of William Wilberforce and has used this legacy to champion an end to modern day forms of slavery, most notably the human trafficking in sex slaves. With the assistance of MTV Europe's "Stop The Traffik" initiative, she has spearheaded an event in March 2008 that will bring the bicentennial year (2007/2008) of the abolition of slavery to an end... | More |

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